Pharian Proud to Sponsor Aida at The Hawth

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The last couple of years have been hard for small businesses; covid has meant that we have all had to change the way we live and work. This is particularly so in Crawley and the surrounding areas of Sussex and Surrey as reduced capacity at Gatwick has had a major knock-on impact locally.

Whilst we are all a little nervous about the state of things, it does feel like we are starting to get back to normal. Earlier in the year we missed out as many performances were cancelled, but we are super proud once again to announce we are sponsoring The Hawth in Crawley and this amazing production of Verdi’s Aida by The Russian State Opera.

Pharian Welcomes The Russian State Opera

Image of Aida from Russian State Opera's production at The Hawth Crawley - Pharian IT Services Local Sponsor

This epic tale is a roller coaster of emotions between the Ethiopian princess Aida who is enslaved by the Egyptians, and General Radames who has the inner turmoil of his duty to his country and his love for Aida. Throw in the unrequited love of Amneris, Princess of Egypt and it should prove to be a magnificent performance.

We wish the performers, technicians and all the team at the Russian State Opera a safe journey to Crawley and welcome them to our wonderful town. We’d also like to say thank you to all the team at The Hawth for their continued professionalism and hard work to make this a truly remarkable venue.

The show is selling out fast, but you may be lucky to get hold of a pair of tickets on The Hawth’s website here:

The Hawth a Remarkable Venue

Scene from Aida in the production by The Russian State Opera at The Hawth Crawley, locally sponsored by Pharian IT Services