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Welcome to The Pharian Raspberry Pi Club.

Our aim is to build a place of exploration and discovery centred around these wonderful little powerhouses of computing and electronics, with a focus on home educated autonomous learners. Whilst a lot of the materials and resources here are aimed at teenagers, we hope to make this a group accessible to all where those with a passion for learning can flourish and progress.

Please join us on our journey.

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Raspberry Pi Tutorials

Which Pi To Buy

Learn about the different models of The Raspberry Pi that we will be basing these tutorials on together with the peripherals & additional hardware you may need.


Layout Of Your Raspberry Pi

In these tutorials we review the layout of The Raspberry Pi Models 3B, 3B+ & 4B and talk about the connectors and integrated circuits included.


Install Raspberry Pi OS

Here we learn about the various options on how to install the recommended Raspberry Pi Operating System (OS) onto an SD Card.