Have you heard of Microsoft Teams? It’s a great way to work remotely without feeling remote. Microsoft Teams lets you chat, hold meetings, have video conferences, share files, work on documents, and much more – all from one application. Microsoft Teams is what a small business needs. Have a look!

Chat from anywhere –

MS Teams allows you to chat with people from and outside your organisation.

MS Teams for small business

Hold Meetings wherever you are –

MS Teams allows you to have meetings regardless of where your attendees are. You can invite external participants – the distance and location is not longer an issue! This makes MS teams ideal for small business.

Sync MS Teams with Outlook –

by adding a link to MS Teams meeting you can make all meetings virtual ones – without losing the personal touch.

MS Teams Meeting link
MS Teams file sharing

Share and work on documents

no more looking everywhere for files that are relevant for a specific project or team. Share them in MS Teams for everyone’s reference. Sync your MS Teams with MS OneDrive and all documents will be updated with one click.

Create Teams –

MS Teams lets you add members to a Team or Project, which makes Microsoft Teams perfect for small and big businesses. Create Channels to help you manage the workstreams and activities.

MS Teams for small business

Is Microsoft Teams for small business? Definitely! Would you like to find out more about MS Teams, and how it can help your business? Get in touch with our friendly team at Pharian, and we’ll be happy to answer all your questions!