What is Microsoft OneDrive? It’s your personal cloud storage which you can access anywhere. You can store document and photos on OneDrive, and access them from any device you use. Even better! You don’t have to be online to access them.

Let us show you the benefits of OneDrive.

Access files anywhere –

with the use of Microsoft OneDrive App you can access the files on your PC, mobile or tablet.

Microsoft OneDrive allows co-authoring

Share and collaborate on your files –

you can decide who to share your files with, and which ones should be made private. OneDrive allows you to co-author the shared files with your team, or the nominated users outside your organisation.

Share OneDrive files via Outlook and Teams –

use the file sharing option to send links to documents. You can decide whether the recipients should only view them, or have the permission to edit the files.

Microsoft OneDrive link sharing

Access your files when you’re offline

don’t worry about being online to access your Microsoft OneDrive files – they are available to you regardless of the network connection.

Microsoft OneDrive is a perfect solution whether you are a small or big business. With 1TB allowance of data storage, you’re not likely to run out space.

Still not sure if Microsoft OneDrive is for you? Contact our friendly team at Pharian, and we’ll be happy to answer all your questions.