Microsoft OneNote is a great tool to keep organised in a fun way. It’s perfect for taking meeting minutes – and then sharing them with the attendees, jotting down your thoughts, or scribbling your great ideas.

Let us walk you through some of the benefits of Microsoft OneNote.

Keep organised –

OneNote helps with keeping your thoughts, projects, or ideas organised. Use bookmarks, create Pages and Sections to keep everything where it should be.

MS OneNote organising information
benefits of Microsoft OneNote

Meeting Minutes the new way –

One of the benefits of Microsoft OneNote is taking meetings minutes, and then sharing them using either MS Teams or Email. All done with only a couple of mouse clicks!

Let’s get creative –

Microsoft OneNote lets you unleash your creative side. Capture your thoughts, draw and use Ink annotations, highlights, and tags to bring it all to live.

MS OneNote lets you be creative

Microsoft OneNote works seamlessly with your Email, Calendar, and MS Teams – all part of Microsoft 365 package.

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