Chelsea Markham, Apprentice Digital Marketer at Pharian, and handles all the social media platforms as well making sure clients are #1 on search. Chelsea has been with the company since December, prior to this she has had a strong customer service background. Prior to working, Chelsea enjoys getting creative and has a motto of learning one new skill a month.

Pharian IT Services & IT Support Crawley West Sussex, Employee showing a single hand using a silver laptop which has real-time data in transparent blue signs flying out from the monitor screen.

What Is Meant By Real-Time Data?

What Is Real-Time Data (RTD) Real-Time Data is the data that is presented whilst it is acquired. This process is usually information which is delivered in an instance after collection. You can use the data received for tracking and navigation and then stored. Resolving Issues In Real-Time Companies and customers can interact with your business…

Group of mix gendered workers, gathering at Pharian discussing the market research.

Is Market Research Still Relevant Today?

What is Market Research? It is an organized effort to gather information about target markets or customers. It’s a very important component of composing a business strategy. What You Should Know Before Starting Market Research Before commencing, there are a few important questions you should ask beforehand. These questions are important to identify the targeted…

Image of a male hand in a suit drawing a growth in white and markers, the white marker indicates the predicted growth and the ired marker shows the real time data by Pharian IT Services and Support Crawley West Sussex

The 5 Stages of Product Lifecycle

The 5 Stages of a Product Lifecycle1) Development The development stage is all about research. You want to delve into looking at information about the products you want to offer before going to the manufacturing stages. Do you have solid proof that it will work and succeed, and have you compared it to existing products…